MySpace, FaceBook, and now A-Space…a social network for spies

The CIA is working with a social networking site designed for the super-secret world of spying. Unlike MySpace and FaceBook, this international communications tool for U.S. intelligence agencies, will be highly classified and not available to the general public.

In the words of Michael Wertheimer, assistant deputy director of national intelligence, A-Space will be “a place where not only spies can meet but share data they’ve never been able to share before. This is going to give them for the first time a chance to think out loud, think in public amongst their peers, under the protection of an A Space umbrella.”

A-Space will be equipped with web-based email and software that recommends areas of interest to the user just like Amazon suggests books to its customers. The site will also allow users to create and modify documents, and determine user privileges, in a similar fashion to Google Documents.


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