Are We Headed for Another Missile Crisis?

Department of Defense Secretary, Robert M. Gates, confirmed suspicions that the U.S. has deployed missile defense equipment to the Pacific, amid reports alleging that North Korea has threatened to fire a ballistic missile toward Hawaii.americanflagnkorea

In addition, the Navy is monitoring a North Korean ship, called Kang Nam, at sea under new U.N. sanctions that bar North Korea from exporting weapons, including missile parts and nuclear materials. The U.N Resolution, was adopted last week after Pyongyang raised tensions by test-firing missiles, restarting a plant to produce arms-grade plutonium and conducting a nuclear test.

Navy Admiral. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated “We intend to vigorously enforce the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1874,”, stressing that the United States has “hail and query” authority under Security Council guidelines, meaning American authorities can seek permission from the ship’s crew to board and search its contents.

If a vessel like this is queried and doesn’t allow a permissive search, [the United States] can direct it to go into a port, and the country of that port would…inspect the vessel,” Mullen also stated, noting that the resolution does not allow for an opposed or noncompliant boarding.


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