Everybody Knows that Smokin’ Ain’t Allowed in School

Back in 1985 the band Motley Crue knew this and now the FDA is making it harder for those under the age of 18 to be Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room, or anywhere else.
The rules, which will take effect June 22, are part of broad new powers Congress granted to the FDA last year, when it passed landmark legislation to regulate the $89 billion tobacco industry. The law prevents the FDA from banning nicotine or tobacco, but it gives the agency vast authority to regulate the ingredients in tobacco products and the way they are distributed, sold and marketed.

Under the new rules, the FDA will
— Ban tobacco companies from sponsoring sporting and entertainment events.
— Outlaw free cigarette samples and giveaways of non-tobacco items with the purchase of tobacco.
— Prohibit the sale of cigarettes in packs of fewer than 20, eliminating so-called “kiddie packs” that public health experts say make cigarettes more affordable.
— Restrict tobacco products in vending machines and self-service displays to adult-only facilities, and require stores to place them behind the counter.
— Forbid tobacco sales to children younger than 18 and require photo identification for over-the-counter sales.
— Provide for federal enforcement against violators, ranging from warning letters to criminal penalties.

All of these rules are designed to “significantly curb access to and the appeal of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products to children and adolescents in the United States.”


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