New Foreign Assistance Website Launched

Curious to know how much the United States invested in Pakistan to combat terrorism last year? Or, how much we invested in education in Cuba for the same period? (FYI the former was $27.5 million and the latter was $0.)

Now questions such as these can be easily answered by a new web platform jointly released by the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). ForeignAssistance.Gov‘s primary purpose (like other platforms such as is to provide more transparency on how the government spends its money, this time in overseas investments. As stated on its website “The Foreign Assistance Dashboard provides a view of U.S. Government foreign assistance funds and enables users to examine, research, and track aid investments in a standard and easy-to-understand format. The Dashboard is still in its early stages of development.”

The U.S. government provides more than $58 billion a year in foreign assistance through more than 20 agencies. Currently this site only includes money donated by U.S. states and USAID, but eventually it will provide information on foreign investments from all federal agencies providing assistance.


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