Introducing Congress.Gov

Since 1995,  THOMAS has been the place for the public to go to find legislative information.    Maintained by the Library of Congress, THOMAS has provided free public access to bills, resolutions, the Congressional Record, the US Code and many other legislative material.

Now, however, there’s a new game in town.  The Library of Congress has released a beta version of new site, called, created to be a successor to THOMAS. Over the next two years, will be adding information and features, eventually incorporating all of the information currently available on

Some of its new features will include:

Improved Searching

  • Ability to simultaneously search all content across all available years
  • Ability to narrow and refine search results
  • Easier identification of bill progress/status
  • Links to House and Senate floor video, top searched bills and save/share features

User-Friendly Design

  • Updated, easy-to-understand page designs for bills, members, and related items
  • Clean search results display
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Consistent, meaningful and permanent URLs


Each piece of legislation has a landing page with tabs to help users find key information for the bill including Summary and Text, Major Actions, Titles, Amendments, Cosponsors, Committees and Related Bills.

Profiles of Members of Congress which will include

  • a picture (when available)
  • a biography
  • the years and the Congresses in which he or she served
  • the member’s state
  • the congressional district (in the profiles of representatives)
  • party history
  • member website link, and
  • other key data.

Check it out!



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