Yes, Area 51 Does Exist

After years and years of speculation by conspiracy theorists and Hollywood movies such as Independence Day, the government finally has admitted that Area 51 is a real place in the Mojave Desert about 100 miles north of Las Vegas.  It is a secret military installation variously referred to as Groom Lake, Dreamland and The Rancharea51

As a result of a FOIA request by the National Security Archive of GWU, the CIA recently declassified a 1992 document outlining the history of the U-2 spy plane program. The document contains many references to the  Area 51 facility.

The report admits that many of the early UFO sightings, were really U-2s flying at 60,000 feet or so. This is the first time the US government has openly referred to Area 51 as a government facility.

Check out the report yourself.


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