Is Ready For Prime Time

The Library of Congress launched in beta two years ago.  Its goal was to eventually replace the older legislative site, THOMAS, which was launched in 1995.  It is now ready to become the “official website for U.S. federal legislative information”.



The biggest advantages that has over THOMAS are the presentation and design of the site. The universal search bar at the top of the home page and clearly delineated boxes of information will be intuitive to navigate for users accustomed to search engine homepages.  The platform enhances access through features such as videos explaining the legislative process, compatibility with mobile devices, and a user-friendly presentation.


boxesSome additional features: Resources

  • A new resources section providing an A to Z list of hundreds of links related to Congress
  • An expanded list of “most viewed” bills each day, archived to July 20, 2014

House Committee Hearing Videos

  • Live streams of House Committee hearings and meetings, and an accompanying archive to January, 2012

Advanced Search

  • Support for 30 new fields, including nominations, Congressional Record and name of member


  • Days in session calendar view
  • Roll Call votes
  • Bill by sponsor/co-sponsor





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