Sources for Congressional Research


In addition to resources such as the Federal Depository Library Program website,,, and the myriad of political commentary databases available online, there are several subscription databases that the Brooklyn Law School community has access to through the Library.  Below are brief descriptions of three of them.

Hein Online

HeinOnline has a database of U.S. Congressional Documents, containing the Congressional Record and its predecessors, as well as Congressional reports, documents, and prints.  These are the various documents produced by Congress as a bill works its way through Congress to become a law, and are useful in performing a legislative history of a federal law.  Hein has also added a Congressional hearings collection covering from 1889, and while not complete, is continuously being updated. Congressional Research Reports are also available through Hein Online.  These are research reports written by the Congressional research staff of the Library of Congress.



The Library also has access to two databases through ProQuest.  They are ProQuest Congressional  and ProQuest Legislative Insight.  ProQuest Congressional has profiles of the Congresses over the years going back to the first Congress of 1789, as well as member profiles.  This database can also be used to search for bills and follow Congress and its members on social media.  Legislative Insight is a compilation of legislative histories, containing the reports, documents, prints and hearings that helps one find legislative intent in the making of a federal law.

ProQuest also provides a number of Libguides that are useful when doing congressional/governmental research.

The library has also produced two Libguides on Federal Legislative History Research and U.S. Government Information.


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